Hunter Valley Arms Fair - Maitland

Author Chris Barrett
Publish Date 27 Sep 2015

Hunter Valley Arms Fair

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd SEPTEMBER, 2018


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To be held at Maitland's Federation Centre (Maitland Basketball Stadium) 10 Bent St. Maitland


Maitland will host a variety of local, NSW and interstate exhibitors who will offer a range of antique and modern longarms and handguns from vintage flintlocks to the latest models. Clubs and organisations will be on hand to discuss membership and compliance issues.
    Reloading equipment, gun cases, scopes, mounts, cleaning supplies, target accessories and quality books will all be available.
    Custom knives, sharpening stones, archery equipment, tactical torches, hiking and bushwalking gear will also be for sale.
    Customers can be assured of a wide variety of products and services on offer



   ​Various collector groups and organisations will have a presence and a number of individuals will display their collections of memorabilia. 
  The fair is strongly supported by the Antique Arms Collectors Society of Australia, who will mount an excellent display of vintage weapons. Persons interested in weapons, of all sorts, should discuss their interests with the AACS representatives and consider joining the Society.
  Visit their website at: 


  The promoters gratefully acknowledge the input of the Antique Arms Collectors Society and Mr Harvey Facer


  for the use of many of the photographs which appear on this website.


  Harvey took these photos at previous HVAF.


R-Licence Testing

​  Many shooters are not aware that the R-Licence is still available in NSW for recreational hunting in gazetted State Forests. The R-Licence is now administered by the Department of Primary Industry (DPI). The DPI has subsequently authorised various hunting clubs (AHO's) to conduct

R-Licence accreditation testing. Newcastle District Hunting Club (NDHC) is an accredited AHO and has volunteered to conduct R-Licence accreditation testing at the Hunter Valley Arms & Militaria Fair. The cost of the R-Licence accreditation testing will be conducted at the venue.

  Bookings can be made by contacting NDHC via the weblink on the Exhibitors Page, see them in person at the fair or contact the Secretary on 0412-913373.


NSW Police - Firearms Registry

  Firearms Registry have accepted an invitation to attend the fair and have indicated that they will be sending a staff

  representative. Considering the current budgetary constraints on Government departments we are most grateful for

  their input. Literature, advice and some services will be available. More information as it comes to hand.